Metal Spring Clip - Offset, Single-Hole, Non-Locking

Metal Spring Clip - Offset, Single-Hole, Non-Locking


Experience versatility with our Offset, Single-Hole, Non-Locking, Spring Clip. The offset design allows for efficient use of space while ensuring a secure grip on your items. With its single-hole configuration, it offers easy attachment and quick one-handed removal. This clip is equipped with a reliable spring mechanism, providing a firm hold without the need for a locking feature. Perfect for various applications, this clip offers both convenience and functionality.

When choosing the right holster clip for your project application, it is important to understand product terminology & grouping. The terms and variants used by A+ Products, Inc. when describing holster clips are listed on our cheat sheet.

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Technical Data

  • Material Steel
  • Manufacturing Process Stamping
  • Country of Origin China