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Custom Wire Forms

A+ provides an extensive inventory of wireforms, including large bag and case quantities already stocked on our shelves but we also have the capability to source custom wire forms.



Wire forms are simple components made by shaping wire into specific forms. They have a maximum of four bends. More complex wire form shapes may require di-casting.

  • Typically ranging in size from ½ to 4 inches
  • Customization limited to adjusting the gauge
  • No branding, elegant edges, or custom finishes


Wireforms are available in both welded and non-welded options. While welded wireforms may incur additional cost, they provide enhanced strength and durability, similar to the increased load capacity achieved by adjusting the gauge

  • D-Ring, O-Ring, Oval, Square, Rectangle, Triangle
  • Finishes: Nickel [Silver], Brass [Gold], Black
  • Material: Steel, Stainless Steel

Measurement Guide

The thickness of the wire form is measured by its gauge. The lower the gauge, the thicker and more durable the wire

  • Thickness of gauge dictates a wire forms stregnth
  • The gauge is easily adjusted during manufacturing
  • The size indicates the widest point of the interior

Download the Wire Form Cheat Sheet

You can print our cheat sheet and use the gauge guide to determine what size gauge will best suit your project needs.


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