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A+ helps you find and manage the right manufacturing resource for your business, from the smallest component to the final product.

Master Every Step of the Manufacturing Process

If you’re having trouble managing your business’ offshore sourcing demands, we have the experience and connections you need to kickstart production.

Active Suppliers & Factories

You’ll have no shortage of options to find the best location to suit your manufacturing needs.

Custom Sourced Components

The breadth of hardware available allows you to find and obtain the exact product you’re looking for without compromising on design.

Years of Experience

Our established connections in China means we can carry out any of your sourcing demands.

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Custom Hardware

Custom Hardware

Have a product requirement that doesn’t quite match with components off the shelf? We can make adjustments to hardware to match your specifications.


Logo / Branding

Logo / Branding

Help you build your business’ identity by adding logo design and branding to your hardware.


Finished Goods

Finished Goods

Let A+ serve as your sourcing team to deliver a product that’s ready to hit the shelves.

Expert Customer Service

When you speak to our staff, you’re speaking to experienced members of our team that have the answers you’re looking for. Whatever your problem might be, we’ll have the tools and the know-how to find the solution.

Our experience with A+ has been exceptional. Their customer service is top-notch; they are ALWAYS very knowledgeable and professional. A+ carries virtually all the products we need for our client’s garment productions. Additionally, when our clients have a very specific need, A+ is our source for step-by-step help to create a custom product.



The A+ Sourcing Team

With over 20 years of experience in China, our staff understands the local culture and has the factory relationships necessary for offshore manufacturing. We make the oversea sourcing process as simple as possible:

  • Work with a US-based team.
  • Find the best vendor to meet your standards.
  • We handle all functions with China directly.

Streamlined Manufacturing

Simply put, A+ sourcing services saves you time and money. Instead of starting overseas production from scratch, you can focus on running your business and selling your product.


Looking to source your product with our help? Just reach out so we can get started.