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Whether it’s a leash, collar, or another pet product, A+ supplies safe and secure components for all your customers’ pet supply needs.

Dependable Pet Components

A+ is a trusted source of pet-related hardware for any number of applications. Our innovative components prioritize durability and reliability, resulting in the safest and simplest pet solution.

Items Sold

You’ll find our handiwork in some of the most common pet supplies you use every day.

Pet Brands

We’ve built partnerships across the pet industry and have built a wide portfolio of experience.

Years of Experience

Our long-standing work with pet companies has given us the perspective to bring valuable insights as manufacturers and suppliers in the industry.

Fast Order Turnaround

Many of our pet supply components are readymade for rush orders. Kickstart production immediately through our quick ship inventory options to stay on top of tight deadlines.

A+ Pet Hardware Applications

Pet accessories will always need reliable and cost-effective solutions for their construction. We provide high-quality components for any number of pet supply products:

  • Leash hardware
  • Collar hardware
  • Buckles
  • And More!

Innovating on Success

We’re constantly iterating on our tried-and-true products to bring you components that provide a better customer experience. Our leading brands supply hardware that will make your products easier and more convenient to use.