Metal Wrap-Around Clip - Offset, Single-Hole, Non-Locking

Metal Wrap-Around Clip - Offset, Single-Hole, Non-Locking


Discover the convenience of our Offset, Single-Hole, Non-Locking, Wrap-Around Clip. Designed for ease of use, this clip features an offset configuration that allows for efficient attachment and removal of items. The single-hole design simplifies the process, providing a secure grip while enabling quick and hassle-free adjustments. The wrap around style ensures a snug fit, making it an excellent choice for various applications where versatility and convenience are key.

When choosing the right holster clip for your project application, it is important to understand product terminology & grouping. The terms and variants used by A+ Products, Inc. when describing holster clips are listed on our cheat sheet.

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Technical Data

  • Material Steel
  • Manufacturing Process Stamping
  • Country of Origin China