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Custom Holster/Belt Clips

When choosing the right holster clip for your project application, it is important to understand product terminology & grouping.



Holster, or belt, clips are frequently employed to fasten holsters to belts or other carrying gear, ensuring secure retention of firearms, knives, or other tools.

  • Common finishes: matte, gloss, chrome, textured powder, anodized, black oxide, and nickel plate
  • Holster/belt clips are typically made out of steel or plastic which is why they are often black or silver
  • Surface treatment or coating affects a holster clips appearance, durability and functionality


Holster clips are available in both locking and non-locking options. Locking requires two hand removal while non-locking clips can be removed with one hand.

  • Inside waistband (IWB): thinner and more discreet Outside waistband (OWB): wider and sturdier
  • Designs: wrap-around, spring clip, dual-side spring, snap clip, J clip, C clip, closed loop clip, fold-over clip
  • Attaching clips: clamp-style, adhesive backing, sewing/stitching, hook/loop, modular, holes

Measurement Guide

The clips application and use will be an important factor to take into considering when choosing a holster/belt clip.

  • A clips height (measurement at widest point) dictates the thickness of a material if can be clipped to
  • The material thickness directly impacts the clips flexibility and strength
  • The width across the front and back sides of a clip is referred to as the face

Download the Holster/Belt Clip Cheat Sheet

Our listed holster clips showcase our diverse product offerings, but we also offer custom sizes & finishes upon request. Download the holster/belt clip cheat sheet for details on our stocked clips.


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