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Custom Buttons

The listed buttons showcase diverse offerings, but we also offer custom sizes & finishes. The following terms are used by our team when describing buttons.



Customized buttons are commonly used for hats, blazers & uniforms of police & fire departments, city public safety services, marching bands, airlines and costumes.

  • Materials: Brass, Zinc, Stainless Steel, Aluminum
  • Front shape: convex, flat, dome, dome to cylinder, concave, square, rectangle, ball, oval and custom
  • Back attachment: Loop/shank, Hopper, Tack, Split prong/shako, screw, snap, stud, and sew-on snaps


When choosing the right button type for your project application, it is important to understand product terminology & grouping.

  • Common colors: Silver [Nickel], Black, Gold [Gilt], Gunmetal, Copper and Bronze
  • Finishes/plating: Chrome/shiny, Antique, Matte/dull, Enamel and Brushed
  • Design: Boarder, Lyre, Smooth, Hammered, Lines/linery/ribbed, and custom insignias


Our measurement guide is available when you download and print the button cheat sheet. The circles represent the actual size of the buttons to scale.

  • 12 — 65 English Linge
  • 1/4 — 1 5/8 Inches
  • 6 — 41 Millimeters

Download the Button Cheat Sheet

You can use the measurement guide on the second page to determine what size button will best suit your project needs.


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