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Collage of Fidlock Buckles, V-Buckle and Slide Buckle


The next generation of fasteners

Fidlock fasteners are based on unique technology which has won numerous awards and which is revolutionizing conventional fastening systems. The Fidlock Principle brings together the advantages of magnetic fasteners and mechanical locks allowing for easy one-handed operation. The result is a new dimension in terms of functionality, safety, and fun.

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A+ Hardware Line, Buckles, Fasteners, Wireforms, and Trims

A+ Hardware Line

A+ Products Hardware is a hand-picked line of metal and plastic findings for soft goods manufacturers. Items include fasteners, buckles, wire forms, hooks, clips and more. We offer a wide range of finishes and colors both in stock and special order. Our strong network of vendors across Asia affords us the ability to customize these items to suit your needs. Size, finish, logo, and material can all be tailored to your project requirements.

Our time tested importing experience and strong overseas relationships eliminate the burden of sourcing while keeping your project on track and on budget.

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Systemmag Products Collage


Magnetic Fastening Systems

Systemmag’s products are innovative alternatives to traditional fastening systems, such as buttons, clips, zips, velcro and laces. Their ease of use, the speed with which they can be fitted, their adjustability and the wide variety of possible configurations mean that these products are both practical and able to adapt to multiple applications in fields as varied as help for the disabled, ready-to-wear clothes, shoes, luggage or industry.

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Winhigh Side Release Buckle, DFOX40, and Keppel Hooks and D-Ring


Plastic hardware redefined

Winhigh’s roots lie in supplying the demanding automotive industry with precision tooling. Using ten plus years of experience, they put their design and manufacturing expertise to work to develop an innovative line of high quality plastic buckles and component solutions that rival industry leaders. Today, Winhigh is a world-class custom design and manufacturing facility offering the most durable products on the market, including prestigious UL certified components.

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Bodypoint Hardware Collage - Swivel Buckle, Cinch End-Mount


Strengthen Your Position

Bodypoint was born in the wheelchair and disability sports industries due to a lack of adequate existing hardware for the high-demands of these industries. Bodypoint’s buckles have become standard equipment on the best brands of wheelchair, because their customers place a high value on the function and reliability of their belts, and are using this as a way to differentiate themselves for a modest difference in price. Bodypoint’s buckles provide the answer for companies looking to solve product challenges where performance cannot be compromised.

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