The Cutting Edge

A+ deliberately seeks out the cutting edge of innovation in hardware and our Fidlock line is just that, the cutting edge. Magnetic seals and an impressive user interface are just a couple of reason why these pieces make a lasting impression on users. This innovative tier one line is perfect for the manufacturer that values user experience above all else.

Fidlock has a catalog as well!

The Industry Standard

Winhigh is the A+ industry standard line but more than that, it's one of the most used, tested and improved of our product lines. These pieces are designed to withstand instense weather and strain, making them the go-to for most manufacturing ventures.

Winhigh Catalog


Actually Custom

A+ chose to include Trimmers into it's product line because of the chrome finish (literally). These pieces are completely custom when it comes to color and finish, meaning anything from shiny chrome to a matte treatment. These pieces really take a basic product and turn it into something with some real object value, even if the functionality is the same. 


Trimmers Catalog

What Makes Dye
Sublimation Better?

Dye sublimation is the reason A+ has Trans-Tex on it's product line. Dye sublimation is a process of applying color to a material (particularly cloth and other woven goods). The traditional way of decorating these types of things, screen printing, leaves you with a thick layer of ink across the top layer of material. This creates a textural difference that's not always desired and limits the amount of colors you can use. Dye sublimation takes away both of those negatives, leaving no trace of the process but the decoration. You'll still be able to feel the material, despite the artwork being transferred over.