Product Development & Engineering Services

Product Development & Engineering Services

Make Your Products Unique with A+

Are you looking to enhance your product offerings? A+ Group can help with every aspect, from ideation to creation. Our custom product development and design services address two main areas of need for our customers:

  • Having an existing product that has the potential to perform even better with a design tweak.
  • Having a great idea for a product but not having the in-house expertise or knowledge to bring it to life.
Our Process

Our US-based team of engineers and designers can help from the very start. Our engineers will work with you to improve function and format, or create the design for the product from your ideas, and then work with the factories to ensure that the materials and overall design makes sense for the end-user.

We will handle the tooling process (creating the molds or other tools needed to manufacture the product), get samples created, and see it through the entire production process, always keeping quality top of mind.

The end result for our customers is a high quality product that gives you the ability to stand out from your competition.

USA Based Engineers

Our USA-based team of mechanical engineers and industrial designers provide us with the ability to do rapid design prototyping onsite, which eliminates the need to deal with overseas engineers in different time-zones who may not speak the same language. Customers can work in real-time, directly with our team with no middleman.

Everything from ideation, custom component design using CAD (computer aided design) services, and design refinement are all part of the services we provide. The knowledge of manufacturing costs enable team to advise customers about cost-cutting measures that won’t affect your product’s performance.

Small Agile Team

Our small but agile engineering team is in constant communication with our vendors and factories, so they can guide our customers through the entire manufacturing process. They also make it a priority to stay on top of manufacturing trends and the latest advancements, which gives them the ability to share cost-saving solutions in the manufacturing process for our customers.