FIDLOCK Footwear Sample Kit FIDLOCK Footwear Sample Kit

FIDLOCK Footwear Sample Kit

Looking for innovative components for your next shoe project? The FIDLOCK Footwear Sample Kit if your ideal starting point. All of these parts are designed specifically for footwear applications and are designed for single hand operation. Order your sample kit now and experience the future of footwear fastening systems.
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Item #  Description  Units 
FL-01312 STRIPE X3 flex 1
FL-F1341 STRIPE slim X5 1
FL-F1370 STRIPE FW SB 20 1
FL-F1371 STRIPE FW DR 20 1
FL-F1390 STRIPE FW rope (2,5 - 3,5mm) 1
FL-01228 HOOK 20 flat adjuster 1
FL-F1650 HOOK sewable tanka X3 1
FL-01249(CLR) HOOK 25 plastic transparent 1
FL-01208 HOOK 20 helmet buckle 1
FL-01266 HOOK 15 sewable 1
FL-05450 SNAP female S sewable 1
FL-05047 SNAP male S rope 1
FL-05451 SNAP male S sewable 1
FL-F6021(CLR) SNAP buckle 20 transparent 1
FL-F4050 SLIDER 25 stst shield 1
FL-FV-11203 V-BUCKLE 25 sewable + pull tab 1
FL-V-14210 V-BUCKLE 20 1
FL-F1500-L WINCH momentum left 1
FL-F1510-R WINCH elegance right 1

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Technical Data

  • Material Assorted
  • Manufacturing Process Assorted
  • Country of Origin China