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Sporting Goods

In an industry that demands performance, A+ sport components prioritizes high-impact endurance to rise to any challenge.

Raising the Bar

When A+ provides sporting goods components, manufacturers understand that, on top of reliable service and product delivery, we’re set on pushing the boundaries of the industry and setting new standards.


In the sporting goods industry alone, we provide hundreds of unique products that are used in just about every major sport.


We provide components to brands across the industry, covering a wide range of activities and applications.

Units Sold

Every year, A+ sells millions of sporting goods components.

Innovating With New Technologies

A+ brands like Fidlock are constantly pushing new benchmarks in their sporting goods hardware. If you’re looking to upgrade your product, Fidlock components are known for their safety and ease-of-use.

Find the Right Gear for Your Sport

While constructing sports equipment, you’ll want the right components that best suit the activity. Depending on the product being manufactured, A+ provides specialized components for a variety of sports.

  • Winter Gear
  • Outdoors
  • Water Sports
  • And More!

A Perfect Score

A+ offers excellent durability and performance in all its components built for the sporting goods industry. Find the right piece of hardware in our inventory to make your product stand out from the competition.