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When patients’ wellbeing are on the line, it’s no surprise that medical products carry strict requirements. When A+ supplies the components for manufacturers’ lifesaving equipment, we enforce the highest quality of construction and accessible function for any healthcare application.

Fulfilling Exacting Expectations

Medical industry needs components they can rely on. Our hardware is the result of decades of extensive research, testing, and feedback.

Years of Experience

Our time providing components to the medical industry gives us the perspective needed to answer any demand.

Industry Clients

A+ has built partnerships with dozens of customers in the medical field.

Single-handed fasteners

We supply hundreds of fasteners and other products that enable single-handed operation.

Specially Suited for the Industry

Components from A+ Products are built with reliability and accessibility in mind for equipment like orthotic braces or stretchers. Brands like Bodypoint offer components and hardware built tailor-made for medical and accessibility needs.

Prioritizing Safety

In a hospital environment, cleanliness is a massive concern. Products from some of our brands like Systemmag or Bodypoint help alleviate this:

  • Antimicrobial surfaces
  • Anticorrosion materials
  • Hook & loop fastener alternatives

Accessible Operation

A patient or customer’s experience with their medical equipment will greatly affect their recovery, especially when they have limited mobility. Hardware with one-handed operation and other accessibility features ensure everyone gets the care they deserve.