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For when performance can’t be compromised, Bodypoint buckles are built to the highest standards for strength, impact, and slip-resistance.

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When Performance Matters

After they were created to answer the lack of adequate existing hardware, Bodypoint has become a staple in the wheelchair and disability sports industries. Wheelchair brands naturally require high-quality components, and Bodypoint equipment offers the best in function and reliability. This commitment to excellence has also brought the brand to other demanding industries where standard buckles would be unreliable.

Exacting Buckle Performance

Bodypoint buckles are not only high-performance and reliable, they’re also specialized to fit users’ varying needs.

  • Quick-release swivels
  • High strength “aviation” latches
  • Spring release push-buttons
  • Adjustable webbing cinch mounts
  • 4-Step ratcheting tongue latches

Strengthen Your Position

Bodypoint equipment guarantees the best performance in the most extreme conditions.

  • ISO and ANSI approved
  • Uncompromised strength
  • Reliable ease-of-use

The Bodypoint Difference

When performance can’t be compromised, customers look to Bodypoint belts and buckles. Discover what sets their equipment apart.


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