7 Ways This Fidlock Buckle Will Make Your Life Easier

Anyone who has had the dis pleasure of strapping a toddler into a 3 point harness knows that riding a bull might be slightly easier (and more tolerable). Below is a list of seven ways the new 3 point and five point Fidlock buckles can make this task easier. And anything that saves some energy for watching Netflix on a Goldfish littered couch after the kids go to bed is a win in our book.

No more pinched fingers

All Fidlock buckles rely on magnetic attraction for closure. Once at tracted, the buckle locks mechanically from the inside. There is absolutely no way a child can catch their finger. Even if that little baby hand finds its way in front of the buckle, the magnet simply will not work, helping you get through the day with one less meltdown.

Kids can help

Picture this: you are in the grocery store parking lot, trying to strap your child into the stroller (to escape the imminent threat of weaponized shopping carts) when he screams me do it! With a typical stroller buckle, chubby fingers + underdeveloped motor skills = disaster. To fasten Fidlock buckles, the straps just have to be brought close by, and it fastens itself... kids can help!

One handed operation

Let's be honest, trying to open a traditional harness buckle with one hand is nearly impossible. Now try to unbuckle that harness while also carrying 38 stuffed animals–not happening. With Fidlock, both the 3-point and 5-point locks can easily be opened with one hand, leaving your other hand free for a few more stuffed animals.

Quiet, gentle operation

Kids fall asleep in strollers all the time. Being able to unbuckle the safety belts gently and quietly is essential if there is any hope of continuing the nap. With Fidlocks smooth operation, getting your little one out of the stroller and into bed is a breeze (or at least a little easier).

Strong and durable design

Toddler equipment has to be durable and strong. The Fidlock harness buckles have a 40,000 kg. breaking strength. Now, when your little one summons their inner King Kong to escape the stroller, you can rest assured that they will not be able to break the buckle.

No more 'lost' shoulder straps

When not in use, traditional harness buckles tend to get stuck in the crevice on the side of the stroller seat, a.k.a. the abyss of crushed Goldfish, old Cheerios, and dried milk. With Fidlocks magnetic attraction, buckle ends are naturally attracted to the rest of the buckle saving your fingers from touching the mystery substance that is fermenting in the side of the seat.

It's fun

Distracting your kid long enough to strap them into a seat is a parenting skill worthy of recognition. Fidlock is fun, and likely to engage and interest your child. Getting them into the stroller might require a little less bribery, saving those Dum Dums for your Netflix snack collection. Click the link below for more information about the stroller buckles and the rest of the Fidlock line!

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