Third-Party Services

Third-Party Services

We Will Be There When You Can't

Are you a company who is already working with a vendor or factory in China but don’t have staff there on the ground? A+ Group’s third-party services can provide you with the eyes and ears on the ground you need without having to send your own people or hiring additional staff in China.

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Vendor/Factory Qualifications

A+ Group will go into a factory or vendor to do the initial qualifying review to ensure that it will be capable of producing the required item(s) to the quality standards you are entitled to.

This process usually entails ensuring a facility has the proper equipment, personnel, training, and manufacturing expertise you need to have your product produced to your standards.

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Factory Inspections & Audits

Committing to working with a factory in a foreign country can be a daunting experience. Once you have selected a factory to work with, it’s wise to have the factory audited to ensure your relationship stays on track right from the beginning. A+ has trained auditors who can go on-site to make sure the factory meets your requirements for production capability and capacity before you do business with them.

Once you begin working with a factory, A+ can go onsite for you as often as you require to inspect the overall facility to make sure everything is on the up-and-up, and maintain a good relationship for you with the vendor. We can also be there if you have an important order that you need someone on the ground to inspect before it goes out the factory doors.

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Quality Control Inspections

Perhaps you already have a factory or vendor you have been working with in China but need someone to do on-site quality control (QC) checks for you. A+’s experienced QC inspectors on-staff that can perform those inspections for you at a considerable cost-savings.  We can also be there to check your products before they leave the factory, givig you the added assurance that you are getting what you are paying for in terms of quality and quantity.