Products Made the Way You Want

Are you looking for a vendor in Asia to manufacture your product, or maybe you already have a vendor that you are having issues dealing with – either way, A+ Group can help. Our sourcing services cover all aspects of the manufacturing process, from the smallest components to final retail-ready finished goods.

Components or Finished Goods

We help customers who have a new item that they want to have manufactured overseas but have no idea how to do it or where to start. Many businesses look at having their products manufactured in Asia because it can often result in substantial cost savings and a higher quality item than can be sourced in other countries.

We also help customers when they want to replicate a product that is already on the market but they have an idea to tweak the design for an improved end result: “I really like company X’s water bottle, and would like to make one similar but with a different opening mechanism”.

Why Use A+?

By using A+ Group to source your items, customers save time and money by not having to travel overseas themselves to find the right manufacturer, or maintain an office in the location where their products are being manufactured. They also enjoy the benefit of cost-savings from not having to hire legal contractors to deal with international accounting or shipping paperwork. A+ Group will handle all of that for you.

Our first step is to qualify a potential factory where your products might be manufactured, which includes visiting the factory first-hand.  Once they have gone through that process, the factory has the ability to become part of our Preferred Vendor Program, which involves continually reviewing and grading their performance to ensure our customers always have access to the best possible vendors.