Logistics & Fulfillment

Logistics & Fulfillment

Move, Store, Manage

So you have designed a product and had it manufactured in China – now what?

The logistics of getting your product to you is often as complicated as getting it made in the first place, especially if you are dealing with smaller quantities which often don’t qualify for the volume discounts large companies benefit from. A+ Group can handle all of the logistics and take the worry away so you can focus on selling your products with a higher profit margin. Whether it be shipping the final product from Asia to the USA, or between factories in China where one component is being made in one factory and going to another for final assembly.

Move, store, manage. We take care of all aspects of your supply chain.

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Import / Export / Shipping

From our fully staffed office in Shanghai, A+  will coordinate and manage the shipment of your products from the factory to your warehouse or between factories (whether in the USA or Asia), anywhere around the world. This includes the costly legal aspects and documentation.

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A+ Group has warehouses throughout North America where we can warehouse your goods for you and ship as needed. Once your product is shipped to our warehouse, we will conduct quality control checks as they enter the warehouse.

For customers who need to order a full container from China but only need a portion of it at the start, we can hold onto that inventory so they can keep their own warehouses and production facilities operating efficiently.

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Inventory Management

A+’s inventory management program takes care of all aspects your inventory – from researching demand trends, forecasting, blanket ordering – which will save you money through larger runs of materials that we stock in our warehouse, and release on your schedule, vendor-direct shipping, which eleimated the need for our customers to maintain storage space and personnel for fulfillment, and batch-management. Our inventory gurus have the experience to make sure you always have your inventory where and when you need it.